Poppy Seat Cover

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High Chair Cover 


Shopping Cart Cover

 Poppy Seat Cover 

Perfect Tool For BLW

Mess Free Experience BLW

100% Germs Protection

Baby Led Weaning is the first step to introduce solid food to babies, may be messy during the progress of their learning. Parents most concerned of baby

BLW developement progress, trying not to interrupt during their meal time. Babies will try to play with their food , throwing and knetting to learn the texture of the food, that  is very comment and normal.

POPPY SEAT COVER is perfect tool to help parents easy to use , wash & clean.

Baby Led Weaning

Anti-HFMD Virus 

Poppy Seat Cover can fully cover high chair and shopping cart to prevent contact on surface.

SGS Tested  

We pass for our product safety for baby and children below 6 years old.


Hand Washable design by hanging up with  the  on the mat, soap to rinse. Simple & Easy to wash to dry.

BPA Free 

Yes, Poppy Seat Cover is  certified BPA Free by SGS.

BLW Helper

Baby Led Weaning BLW  best for baby motor motor skill on food baby issue. mess free solution for .

Food Grade Material

Poppy Seat Cover Mat is PEVA Food grade material, Waterproof mat yet  to eating on the mat.

Design fully protect your baby not to direct contact from a dirty surface.
Easy to use; Easy to clean; Lightweight to travel
Mess-Free experience.
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Do you know

"Public High Chair"

dirtier than the "Public Toilet Seat" ?

Poppy Seat Cover

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Parents say

Really helps with the mess! Even better than I expected! 

—  Kiara Mierra, Mother of 2 Children


Waterproof ​ PEVA Mat
Light Weight With Storage Bag

Easy Travel Adjustable Belt

Storage Bag

Shopping Cart 

Fit Into 95% Public High Chair 

Set Up in 5 Seconds

Easy to Fold

Our Vision

Our focus is to ensure our quality not just up to international standard. 

We will make sure parents trust our product quality ensure and expectation!

This is our Promised & Mission! 


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