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Can you deal with flies on high chair at restaurant for your baby ?

They land on dead animals and poop, and then to our food and residue on our surface. Should I put my baby in without antiseptic this high chair ?


Flies don’t visit freshly made sandwiches. They spend far more of their time in rotting animals and plant waste. Among the waste can be range of pathogens and parasites.

House flies don’t bite , they transmit pathogens on their feet and body. As well as leaving behind pathogen-filled footprints, the flies leave their poop on food and surface. They vomit too.

Flies spit out enzyme rush saliva that dissolves the food. If a fly has plenty of time to walk around on our food or high chair surface vomiting up,sucking in the and defecating out, the chances of leaving behind a healthy issue for our babies contact on the surface. Baby put their hand to mouth more than 60 times per hour. While there is little doubt that flies can carry bacteria, viruses and parasite from our waste to our tray food. The research, Scientific Report Flies were found to carry a number of harmful germs that have potential to make us extremely ill. As a parents we shall pay more attention on that. It’s easily found anywhere in the restaurant flies are landing on restaurants tables and high chair.

“ It will really make you think twice about putting your baby in to Public High Chair thats been landed by flies, their landing ground ”

Poppy Seat Cover - 5 sec to Set Up

High Chair Cover for your baby private high chair wherever you go.

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  • Washable

  • Waterproof Mat Surface

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  • Fit Most of Public High Chair

  • Adjustable belt for the storage bag - can hang over the chair or stroller

  • Accessible for the high chair Seat Belt

  • Fast Dry Material after Washed

  • Loop design to hang dry

  • Suction Cup design for attach table surface without flipping up the mat surface

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