Award Winning Product Poppy Seat Pop-Up High Chair Cover is an ingenious designed cover to fit onto most high chairs, attached to dining tables, protecting your baby from harmful germs while dining out. The design from mum to mum with full of convenient, praticle and hygein protection for your pricious baby. 


Babies' immune systems are not as strong as those of adults. Poppy Seat Cover can

help protect them from a serious illness in the public from contacting public high chair and dining table. We got you cover. We know what you need especially during the world pandemic seson. 


  • Pop-Up Design - Can be easily set up in just 5 sacond, just pull out from the travel bag. Lay over onto high chair. No more wipe down the whole high chair and table. We got you cover.
  • PEVA Food Grade Material Mat - Non-toxic BPA Free It's safe to use it direct contact food. 
  • BLW - Baby Led Weaning helping tool. The design with attachment bib to prevent food stains and prevent mess after food. 
  • Bib attachment -  Prevent food stain on cloths. Training wheel for Baby Led Weaning for dine in or dine out. The hoop and loop bib can be attached or unattached on the mat. The bib can machine washable. 
  • Washable - The Mat , Travel Bag and Bibs are washable. Design a loop under the mat for hang up to dry. 
  • Travel Friendly - Our travel bag has few comparement for extra needs for your little one to fit some snacks , bottles with adjustable belt can be carrier on parents shoulder or hang on your stroller. 
  • Award Winning Design - Award winning for not just the style , better health living for parents and baby. 


Simple. Easy and No More Mess.


Our flagship product Poppy SeatTM is an innovative design that parents absolutely love and a must have travel accessory item.
Many restaurant staff do not clean table surfaces chairs thoroughly. It is also very common they overlook and do not clean and sanitize baby high chair at all, which is where small children come