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Better Safe Than Sorry 

While it won’t eliminate every illness your baby will suffer from, if it cuts down on one or two of the six to nine illnesses small children typically will get during a year, it’s worth it


We are passionate to design and create the product in safe with high quality, practical usage for parents. The value of your choosing us is far more benefits than just a cover!

Poppy Seat Cover is high premium quality material ,  Protection from Germs to use in Public High Chair and Shopping Cart & Training Wheel self-feeding Baby Led Weaning for developement.

Quallity Assure


HFMD, Rotavirus,H1N1 Flu  and viruses can be everywhere. A public high chair & shopping cart cover is one of those precautions you can take. While it won’t eliminate every illness, your baby will suffer from, if it cuts down on one or two of the six two nine illnesses small children typically will get during a year. We know baby and toddler always put their fingers to mouth.

Prevent HFMD Rotavirus & Harmful Germs

SGS TEST 8124 A.jpg

Poppy Seat Cover tested by SGS certified safety usage for baby and kids. BPA Free and Food Grade Material on the Mat.

YES, Baby Can Eat On the Mat !

EVA Food Grade  Material.

SGS Tested Certified 


We know what the mom needs the best! It can use Poppy Seat Cover different high chair and a shopping cart. Worry-free to bring in to any restaurant has a different baby high chair or a different size of shopping carts in supermarket.

Fit 95% High Chair & Shopping Cart & Comfortable 

hfmd no more.jpg

Anti-HFMD Virus 

Poppy Seat Cover can fully cover high chair and shopping cart to prevent contact on surface.

SGS Logo .png

SGS Tested  

We certified tested pass for our product safety for baby and children below 6 years old.

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9000 Likes followers

Customers Love us after they received our product. Customer expecting more expectation from their received.


BPA Free 

Yes, Poppy Seat Cover is  certified BPA Free by SGS.

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BLW Helper

Baby Led Weaning BLW  is  the best for baby development  on motor , motor skill and  picky on food baby issue. mess free solution for parent.

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Food Grade Material

Poppy Seat Cover Mat is PEVA Food grade material, Waterproof mat yet is  safe to eating on the mat.

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